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Backyard Habitats and Landscape Restoration:

We utilize our extensive knowledge of drought resistant native plants in creating unique and beautiful low water-use gardens for your home or business. We design for year-round color and include plants that attract vital pollinators such as birds and insects, creating backyard wildlife habitats.

Our President and Founder, Michael Dean Smith, is a licensed landscape contractor, Master Gardener and has a degree in Outdoor Recreation/Resource Management. He will work with you to create your overall plan, plant selection and water wise irrigation system. All our work is guaranteed.

Plateau Restoration has over 12 years of experience in designing irrigation systems in SE Utah.

Drip irrigation:
This is an inexpensive and highly efficient way to water your drought tolerant landscape.
Traditional Sprinkler Systems:
For those areas where sprinkler systems are a must. Full coverage, proper layout, and sprinkler head choice are important ways to save water and improve the look of your lawn.
Backflow prevention systems:
Protect our drinking water by preventing fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals from flowing into potable water supplies through your irrigation hook-ups. All irrigation hook-ups are required to have backflow prevention devices.

Plateau Restoration offers access to a large variety of certified native seed, including wildflower and "meadow-lawn" mixes and can help you select the seeds right for you. We can help you choose native plants for your garden, and will deliver them to your door.

Maintenance services are offered on a contractual basis. We specialize in drought tolerant landscapes and conversions from a water-hungry landscape to one that is more appropriate for a desert environment. We also offer weed reduction and control programs.

In addition to designing, installing and maintaining drought tolerant landscapes in SE Utah, Plateau Restoration is actively researching effective ways to restore vegetation communities and habitat to private and public conservation lands. We identify areas in need of restoration and plan service learning projects to replace trampled and damaged native plant species and reduce invasive species in disturbed sites.


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